Thursday, June 14, 2012

Black Nite Crash; Baby It's You

Seattle shoegaze crew Black Nite Crash just released their second album, Drawn Out Days, on the freshly minted label, Neon Sigh. The whole album is available on their BANDCAMP page for streaming and purchase. You can hear a cut from the record, Baby It's You, below.

Black Nite Crash; Baby It's You

A Place To Bury Strangers 6/10 @ The Doug Fir; Photos

We found this rad slide show from Sunday nights A Place To Bury Strangers w/Dusted at The Doug Fir over on Melophobe. Photographer Jasper Croome was on hand armed with his trusty camera and captured the images above. We would like to tell Jasper well done son. Well done. As an added bonus we've included a stream of their latest single you can listen to while you view.

The Raveonettes; Observator

A little while back we shared the announcement of a North American Tour from one of our faves The Raveonettes, which includes a stop in Portland Sept. 21st at the Hawthorne Theatre. Today  we share the announcement of a new LP, Observator, September 11th via Vice Records. Sune shares some candid thoughts on the making of the record in the presser check it out below.

"When you start to record a new album, people always ask you what you think it will sound like. It's almost impossible to talk about music that doesn't exist but when we started work on our sixth album late last year, I thought that for once, I had a pretty good idea," says Sune. "Put simply, Observator was supposed to be our Los Angeles album. At least, that's what I imagined it to be in my head. As much as I love New York and feel almost constantly inspired by the noise and confusion here, the allure of the west coast has always loomed large for The Raveonettes. When it came time to start work on this album, the warm Pacific pull had become irresistible."
"If I'm being honest, I also needed to get away because strange days had found me in New York. I threw out my back last summer and the recovery was extremely difficult. When you're a young man and you can't put your socks on in the morning without being overwhelmed by pain, it can be very demoralizing. When something that you take for granted is made to be so difficult, there's no way you can stop it from affecting you mentally. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a clinical depression and ordered to stop drinking, start exercising and to be more social, which I managed to do for a short period of time. By New Year, the party needed to stop and going out to Venice Beach seemed like the perfect solution. I could use the California air to get clean, concentrate on writing, and no one would distract me."   

"The fact that I was listening to The Doors constantly only added to the seductive draw of the drowning sun. I wanted to get back to that classic verse-chorus-verse style of song writing that The Doors managed so well on their best singles. It's a very specific and evocative feel that I wanted to achieve, and going out west seemed the best way to capture it."

Sadly Sune says, "What I found however was quite the opposite. I found dread and despair in LA, a wicked loneliness that only furthered my intake of substances. I couldn't focus and inspiration was fleeting or mostly absent."

Throwing himself into the real lives of people he encountered in both California and New York Sune soaked up the stories of both cities. "I get a lot of my ideas when I'm out. I get drunk and have moments of lucidity where I scribble down notes and thoughts. The next day, I'll start channeling the thoughts I had the previous night. That's sort of always worked for me but this time, I had to go the long way round to remember that."

Observator was recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios with mentor Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Gos, Richard Hell), who the band worked with on album "Pretty In Black."

"It was during these sessions that a new dimension to the Raveonettes began to develop; it's the first time we've ever used the piano and what a glorious, gloomy sound it makes. We knew immediately that it was something we needed to expand on. But make no mistake; Observatoris still a gorgeous guitar album."

"Overall, we took just seven days to record Observator so in that context, it's one of the quickest and easiest albums we've ever done. It was getting in the right frame of mind to actually write the songs that took several agonizing months. For so long, I tried to capture a new muse and carve out a path forward for us. I travelled thousands of miles to find it and experienced all kinds of insanity along the way. Yet all the while, the future of The Raveonettes was in the people, the occurrences, and the relationships that were immediately around me. It's not an LA album. It's not even a New York album. It's a collection of observations that occur in life and as I've learned, life happens everywhere."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

White Hex; Stranger Love

White Hex are getting set to release their debut album, Heat, June 20th via Avant! Records. You can hear a cut from the record, Stranger Love, below. Ya dig.

Crocodiles Live @ Roseland Theatre 6/17

SoCal noise pop sensations, Crocodiles, are rolling into Portland 6/17, to play at the Roseland Theatre. Their new album, Endless Flowers, has been on heavy rotation here at NWMusicPDX since it's release earlier this month. If you haven't picked it up yet, what are you waiting for? It's freaking fantastic. Hey while you're at it, buy all the rest of their albums too. Be sure to get your tix asap, and maybe we will see you at the show. We'll be standing next to that one guy with the beard and a PBR in his hand. In the meanwhile check out the title track from the aforementioned album.

Wild Nothing; Shadow

Wild Nothing are set to release a new album this summer, Nocturne, which will hit shelves 8/26 via Captured Tracks. Today we have a new song from the record, Shadow. Give it a go.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Part Time Punks Shoegaze Festival

LA radio station KXLU's Part Time Punks will be presenting "the world's first" Shoegaze Festival on Sunday June 24th at The Echoplex in Echo Park. The eleven band line up will include classic shoegaze bands from back in the day, as well as the new wave of shoegazers. Some of our faves include Whirr, Mark Gardener from Ride, Sky Parade, Weekend, and Brad Laner from Medicine, just to name a few. You can get all the skinny HERE. Now, as far as it being the world's first shoegaze festival, we'll leave that up for others to debate, but it seems like a pretty rad excuse to make the roadie to SoCal.

The Fresh & Onlys; Yes Or No

SF psych garage four piece, The Fresh & Onlys, have a new single from their forthcoming fourth LP, Long Slow Dance, which will drop in September via Mexican Summer. Yes or No, is available now digitally and will be available June 18th on 7" vinyl. You can hear it here now.

New Releases 6/12

Here's what is on our radar from this weeks list of new releases;

Jaill; Traps
Jaill; Waste A Lot Of Things
Wymond Miles; Under The Pale Moon
Wymond Miles; Pale Moon
The Tallest Man On Earth; There's No Leaving Now
The Tallest Man On Earth; 1904
Magic Trick; Ruler Of The Night
Magic Trick; Torture

Monday, June 11, 2012

Echo Lake; Wild Peace

London shoegaze duo, Echo Lake, are set to release their debut LP, Wild Peace, June 26th via Slumberland. You can listen to and download the title track below.

Echo Lake; Wild Peace